Peripherical typologies and topographies

Kingston School of Arts + ETSA Seville, 2016
with Ruth Gow and Paula Martin for Sol89 Architects 

For a few years, the ETSA Sevilla and the School of Arts in Kingston held educational exchanges in which they delved into architecture and culture to carry out a school exercise. In 2016, an exhibition of the best projects that resulted from this meeting was held at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Seville.

the proposal

Using the exposed panels, a patio is created that closes its fourth wall with the projection of drawings, plans and ideas that complete the exhibition. A double space is proposed for the appreciation of the panels with the use of fabrics placed from the ceiling, which also delimit the exhibition space. 

        ︎︎︎  and this was the result! ︎︎︎

︎︎︎  and this was the result! ︎︎︎