Ana Gallego, an urban researcher and designer, explores public spaces as a common good. Through innovative urban interventions and experimental formats, she enhances and raises awareness of their climate, health, and social potentials, disseminating their multifaceted benefits.

Her work has been selected, among other institutions, by the New European Bauhaus, the Mostra di Architettura di Venezia, MODEL. Festival de Arquitecturas and Barcelona Architecture Week, and LINA Platform, which selects 25 emerging thinkers and researchers in the field of architecture and urbanism in Europe. She has also collaborated with different European universities giving lectures and courses on urban design. She is currently collaborating with various European institutions such as the Kosovo Foundation of Architecture, the Timisoara Architecture Biennale, and the Haus Der Architektur Research Lab.

She currently holds a position as an urban designer and researcher at Urban Science Lab at IAAC, carrying out innovative and sustainable projects at different scales. Additionally, she is a faculty member for the Master in City and Technology program at IAAC, as well as other courses on data analytics and public spaces.

She previously worked in different architectural and urban planning firms such AMB. Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Miralles Tagliabue EMBT, Sol89 Arquitectos or Pargade Architectes.



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