memory crops

Selected project by Biennale di Venezia 2018 - BECOMING

Under the premise of creating an interactive object that reflects some aspect of the city of Lebrija, its context is taken as the beginning. This city feeds and lives thanks to the large hectares of crops that surround it, creating a very characteristic visual plane for its smells and colors.

the idea

                    c o l o r s c h e m e 

This aspect is decided as a starting point and an abstraction of its main crops is made: cotton, grape, sunflower, beet, wheat, olive, and different types of flowers.


how to play?

Each of the plantations will serve as a piece for a game in which the checkerboard is a fragment of the territory, thus becoming a game in which the user can create pairs with the different pieces, group them or extract them just by moving other pieces.  

the item

 playing the crop game! 

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